DIY Soy Aromatherapy Candles


 I am definitely guilty of spending way too much money on candles.  I’ll spend between 15 to 20 dollars on a good scented candle.  But now I’m trying to save some money, and I realize that I can make my own candles and create custom scents by mixing essential oils.  Not only do they smell amazing, but they actually have some mental and physical health benefits from the oils.  Plus they’re completely natural.  These soy candles only have two ingredients and they’re super easy to make.  You can make them as strong or as weak as you want, and they could be used as a gift or home decor.


What you will need: Heat proof jar or candle holder (I used a candle holder from Michael’s and tea cups from Teavana), a Pyrex measuring cup for melting the wax, a pot to heat the water for the double boiler, a spatula, a wooden skewer, a dropper, wicks, soy wax flakes, and any essential oils you would like.

*Make sure you have separate tools for candle making that you do not use for cooking, and when you clean up, scrape excess wax into the garbage, not the sink or it could clog.



I ordered a 10 pound bag of organic soy flakes from Amazon for 21 dollars.  I have spent that much on one 8 ounce candle!  I filled up my Pyrex with flakes and placed it in a pot filled just about half way with water.  I used low heat on the stove so the water is steaming, not simmering.



As the flakes melt, the wax reduces down significantly so I just keep adding more flakes until I reach my desired amount of melted wax.  I use my spatula to give the wax a stir when I see it turn to liquid at the bottom. 





When the wax was all melts and there are no longer clumps, I dip the metal part of the wick in to act as glue and stay in place on the bottom of my candle holder, then use the skewer to hold it down as the wax dries and keep it centered. 


I bought a wick centering tool from Michael’s which also keeps the wick in place as I pour the wax in.   You could also use a clothing pin to do this.  After I pour the wax in, I place the remaining wax in the Pyrex back into the warm water to keep it melted for the next candle. 



Once the melted wax is in the holder, I add the oils.  I chose a few of my favorite scents which include Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lavender, and Jasmine.  I bough the Rosemary oil from Amazon, it came in a 4 oz bottle for 13 dollars.  I bought my other oils at a spiritual store in Rockville Center, Long Island called A Time For Karma.  



For my first candle I mixed Rosemary and Lavender and it created a really pretty, relaxing scent.  Rosemary oil helps sharpen your memory and Lavender has balancing and soothing benefits.  If you look up the health benefits for each type of oil, it could help you choose what you want to use to make your aromatherapy candle.  In the winter when my nose is all stuffy, I use Eucalyptus oil to help clear my sinuses.  I added about 6 drops of each oil, but if you want a stronger scent you can add more.  After I add the oil I use my skewer to gently stir it in evenly.




For my other candles, I followed the exact same steps but used tea cups that I received as a gift and added different oils.  I made one candle with Jasmine and Lemongrass.  Lemongrass has vitalizing and cleansing benefits and Jasmine is calming, relaxing and sensual.  My last candle was pure Jasmine because it’s my favorite scent. 

I hope you love these candles  as much as I do <3




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