Headbands have so many magical powers.  During the Fall and Winter, they are one of my favorite accessories.  I personally love when my hair is pulled out of my face, it’s just more feminine and refreshing.  I mean, what’s the point of a flawless contour if your hair is covering it?!  During these cold seasons, I absolutely adore sparkly, festive headbands, especially paired with a pea coat and booties.  So girly and elegant.  But sometimes when I’m just lounging in yoga pants and need to run errands, I throw on a more casual bohemian, thick headband.  It’s effortless but gives me a more finished look and adds an attractive focal point to my outfit.  I naturally have really thick and crazy hair, so on a bad hair day where it’s a little greasy or frizzy, I have always relied on a good headband to hide my roots and still put everything in place nice and neat.  I just recently purchased these headbands from Forever 21, H&M, and Ulta, they were all under ten dollars.  I’ve bought headbands from these stores years ago and they have held up really well. 


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